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Our logo originates far from the state of Maryland, in the wilds of the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas in California. It is a pair of California Redwood trees, joined at their base, growing out of the core of a volcanic crater. Surrounding them is the devastation and rubble from the last eruption 650 years ago. Against this backdrop, these trees in their reddish hued bark and bright green needles, pulsate with vibrant life. For us, they are a compelling symbol of the strength and resiliency of a parent-child relationship that is grounded in a healthy attachment. It is our hope that ADMD will contribute to nourishing such healing parent-child attachments, particularly where devastation may have gone before.

Multiple articles to be revised for 2014. Brand new article on Psychopharmacology just added June 2014.

April 2, 2013

Shame and Attachment
March 5, 2013  Version 3.0



Version 2.0  May 30, 2014


An Overview of EMDR and Trauma - 9/19/14. University of Maryland School for Social Work (UMSSW). Continuing Professional Education Department.

Psychopharmacology and Technology - 10/9/14.  UMSSW.

Shame, Attachment Disorder & Contemporary American Culture - 11/7/14.  UMSSW. 



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